• If Out of Hours Medical Advice is required, please use the NHS 111 online service. Or, call 111 if you’re unable to get help online. Details of our Out of Hours Service is available on the practice number of 020 3474 6070

  • The GP Annual Survey ordinarily takes place at this time of year.  We sincerely believe that patients who are happy often do no feel the need to feed back quite as strongly as those who are not. We would encourage all of our patients who are happy with our services to also add their voice. 

Prescriptions and Medications

If you have a query about your medicines/prescriptions, Clapham Family Practice employs a team of pharmacists who can help. They have been specially trained to prescribe medicines and issue prescriptions. Please book an appointment with our Practice Pharmacist by calling reception.

To find you local pharmacy please click here


  • Repeat Medication

    Order Repeat Medication

    You can order your repeat medication in one of three ways:

    1. Request online – via NHS app – please click here for more information

    2. Nominated Chemist – Ask your nominated chemist to order it for you

    3. Letter to the Practice – Write a letter to Clapham Family Practice (we do not accept telephone requests for repeat medications).

  • Nominated Pharmacy

    For more information on how to select/change your nominated pharmacy via the  NHS app please click here.

  • Prescription Prepayment Information

    Prescription Prepayment Certificates are available to purchase which allow patients to get as many prescriptions as you need for a set price. It costs from £30.25 for 3 months so if patients have two or more regular prescriptions then they will save money with a PPC.

    For further information please click here.

  • Medication Synchronisation

    If you would like to save time and order all the medication you have on repeat at the same time rather than irregular times throughout the month please use the form below

    When you next need to request an item on repeat count up all the tablets you have and fill in the form.  Your doctor will issue a “one off” prescription of the tablets you need to synchronise all your medication to within a day or two.

    Prescription Synchronisation

    • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • Medication (item description)Quantity Remaining 
      Please click on the (+) to add further rows

Pharmacy First Scheme

The new Pharmacy First scheme enables your local pharmacy to treat some common conditions with prescription-only medicines, without you visiting your GP. Find out everything you need to know.

The NHS has launched a major transformation to try and make it easier for patients to access the care they need.

For more information please visit Health Watch website by clicking here 

  • What conditions can be treated at my pharmacy?

    Your local pharmacy can now supply prescription-only treatment, if they believe you need it, for the following conditions:

    • Sinusitis (for patients aged 12 years and over only)
    • Sore throat (aged 5+)
    • Earache (aged 1 year-17)
    • Infected insect bite (aged 1 year+)
    • Impetigo (aged 18 years+)
    • Shingles (aged 18 years+)
    • Uncomplicated urinary tract infections (women aged 16 to 64)
  • How does it work?

    If you are feeling unwell with any of these conditions, you can go to your local participating pharmacy and ask for a private consultation with the pharmacist.

    You may also be referred by a GP practice if they don’t have any appointments and believe your pharmacy can help. The 111 helpline service may also refer you. Pharmacists can also offer this service on-the-spot if you go in asking generally for help.

    Pharmacists may offer a virtual consultation by phone or video call, or in person in a private room in the pharmacy. They will ask questions, may perform an examination and must get your consent to access your medical records. The pharmacist will be able to recommend the best course of action based on your clinical needs. This might include issuing prescriptions for antibiotics or antivirals where necessary or advising you on over-the-counter treatments that could he

  • How can my pharmacist supply a prescription-only medicine if they are not a doctor?

    Pharmacists must follow a strict NHS protocol (called a ‘patient group direction’) covering their own required knowledge and skills the types of patients covered.

    This means that the supply of prescription-only medicines will be limited in all cases by age groups, and in one case, by gender.

  • Will I have to pay for my advice or medication?

    The appointment and advice from a pharmacist are free to access.

    If you are recommended an over-the-counter medication, you will pay the costs of buying this.

    If you are supplied with a prescription-only medication, usual prescription charges would apply unless you qualify for free prescriptions.

    If you regularly require medication and are not exempt from prescription charges, you may be able to save money through a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC). Find out what help you can get to pay for your prescriptions.

  • How do I know if my local pharmacy is participating?

    Most pharmacies have agreed in principle to deliver the new service but may launch at different times, from 31 January 2024 onwards. They may need to train staff, upgrade IT and install a private consultation room.

  • Can I get oral contraception without a prescription?

    From December 2023, some pharmacies will be able to start women on oral contraception (also known as ‘the Pill’) for the first time, or re-start them after a break, without the person needing to see their GP first. This is an extension of the existing oral contraception service that let women go to pharmacies for repeat prescriptions, that had been initiated first by a GP.

    The pharmacist will offer a confidential consultation to discuss your current medication and ensure it is the best option for your needs.

    Oral contraception is free on the NHS, and you will not be charged any prescription charges.

    To find a local pharmacy offering this service – check out the NHS website. 

  • Can I still see my GP?

    You can still choose to visit your GP if you prefer. Pharmacy First simply offers an alternative route for getting treatment for these specific conditions.