• If Out of Hours Medical Advice is required, please use the NHS 111 online service. Or, call 111 if you’re unable to get help online. Details of our Out of Hours Service is available on the practice number of 020 3474 6070

  • The GP Annual Survey ordinarily takes place at this time of year.  We sincerely believe that patients who are happy often do no feel the need to feed back quite as strongly as those who are not. We would encourage all of our patients who are happy with our services to also add their voice. 

Contact your doctors online

Online consultations are best suited for non-urgent inquiries that don’t require immediate attention from a GP or nurse. Examples include:

  1. Administrative matters like ongoing referrals.
  2. Contraception inquiries (blood pressure, weight, and height can be measured at Reception).
  3. Medication queries (excluding repeat prescriptions).
  4. Private referrals.
  5. Blood test requests for known conditions or medications.
  6. Issuing sick notes.

If you anticipate needing to speak with a GP, please book a telephone consultation to avoid delays.

Online consultations are not suitable for urgent matters, please avoid using it for appointment requests; instead, contact reception or book online.

Online consultations are only available during working working (Monday to Friday 08:00-18.30) for urgent medical matters during this time, consider contacting 111 online

Please submit your online consultation by clicking the image below