• If Out of Hours Medical Advice is required, please use the NHS 111 online service. Or, call 111 if you’re unable to get help online. Details of our Out of Hours Service is available on the practice number of 020 3474 6070

  • The GP Annual Survey ordinarily takes place at this time of year.  We sincerely believe that patients who are happy often do no feel the need to feed back quite as strongly as those who are not. We would encourage all of our patients who are happy with our services to also add their voice. 

Patients Voice – Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a voice for patients at Clapham Family Practice. It works with the practice to help deliver a better service and experience for all patients and staff. It also helps to ensure that there is a way for staff and patients to communicate about things that need to be changed.

The PPG holds regular meetings, which all patients are welcome to attend.

Next meeting:

The next meeting of PPG will take place 12th June 2024 at 14.00

Meeting minutes:

Please find the minutes to our previous meeting below:

CFPPPG notes 29 Feb 2024

Hot Topics:

Are you a patient at Guys or St Thomas’? If so, what is your reaction to their new app MyChart? Have you used it? Has it been helpful? Please let us know.

Do you know where to get information and help about the menopause? Do you think that we should ask the practice to set up a support group style education session as a trial, to see if there is a need?

Do you go to reliable websites for health information? We urge you to think very hard before deciding which websites to trust. Do they have reputable organisations behind them? On the CFP website front page there are two ‘buttons’  – click on PATIENT SERVICES or on NHS SYMPTOM CHECKER if you want information and simple advice backed by NHS research and expertise

Contact details:

If you cannot attend meetings , you can still support the PPG by sending your ideas about ways to improve services.

You can also contact the PPG as follows: